Paula Deen

The Paula Deen Connection

People often ask how our connection with Paula Deen got started.

About 15 years ago we started hearing rumors that our measuring spoons could be seen on some Food Network show. After a lot of asking around, we got to the bottom of it.

As it turned out, our beloved Fish Measuring Spoons – our top-selling product! – had been knocked off and were being made overseas in a cheap metal and retailing for ¼ of what ours were selling for. And Paula was using them.

We quickly sent OUR lead-free American measuring spoons and cups to Paula’s filming studio. Apparently the staff loved them and wanted Paula to use them in the next show. It was time to film and the measuring cups were not to be found anywhere on set.

 Turns out Paula had fallen in love with them and had taken them home.

Years later, I met her and Michael at a book-signing where it was SO busy that you literally put your cookbook on a conveyer belt to reach her. I put a measuring cup on it and when it got to her, she held it up and asked "Who? who? does this belong to??". I raised my hand and hollered, "Guilty as charged! And I’m the one who makes them for you!" Dang I was proud!

Her husband, Michael, exclaimed – “She’s got ‘em by herchoppin’ block. She loves em”.

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