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Just imagine this...

A cascade of rich molten silvery metal pouring from a ladle into a mold that is spinning around! How can you not fall in love with this process?! Then with a hammer in my hand, I shape and texture this piece of metal…it’s just so raw and so authentic.

For 37 years now, I have made a living as a pewter smith. I earned my Masters in French Literature and thought that my destiny was to be a French teacher. But life doesn’t always go as it is planned.

I am proud to be an American artisan and I am proud to make products that have meaning and purpose. I hope that you will select one or more of these to bring beauty and authenticity to your home – or to the home of someone you care about.

Customer Testimonials

  • My Crosby and Taylor much loved, used, and treasured measuring cups and spoons arrived home today after their "spa" treatment. I hugged the box as I was so anxious for their return! I have used them daily for close to 25 years and can't say enough about them, function, beauty, and quality. And . . . if you use them so much that one needs a repair, no worries, it will return home to it's treasured spot. Mine hang on the wall as you can see, for easy access!! Thank you, Deborah!!

  • Deborah, you Taylor Peep, I am so happy. Yes, tell them how ridiculously fast this whole situation got settled. I’ll bet a week!! So easy to work you your company and so easy to get the correct help on your website. The packaging was perfect and a smile was on my face when I saw Taylor & Crosby on the box. My kitchen is back to normal now. Thanks. You can have her grab any comments as I meant every single one.

    Bec D
    Palm City, FL
  • I’ve been enjoying my original Tim Woodsmen measuring spoons for at least 30 years! My husband’s brother and his wife live in Spokane. These were our Christmas gift one year. The most used and enjoyed gift ever! So excited to mount the new ones in our North Carolina house. These are a special birthday present from me to me for number seven-o!

    MaryCarolyn T
  • I received measuring spoons, cups and a spoon rest from you yesterday. I absolutely love them. I use measuring spoons and cups constantly. I love that they look beautiful displayed on my kitchen counter. I bought the dragonfly measuring spoon set in 2007, when we were visiting Arizona. I was SO happy to see that your company is still around. I will definitely be ordering your measuring spoons as wedding gift, what a great idea.

    I just wanted you to know how much I love your products. They are beautiful and last! I love the packaging and the personal notes. I'm so happy to support a family business.

    Shannon G
  • If I had to fly to the other side of the world to get your measuring cups, I would.

    Susan C.
    Assonet, MA
  • Thank you so much for your speedy repair and return of my pewter measuring cup! I am not sure when I purchased my measuring cups and spoons, but I know it was at least 15, perhaps closer to 20 years ago! They are such charming pieces to display and are always within arms reach. Your customer service is exceptional! I am delighted that my treasured set is “whole “ again!

    Lynn R

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