Replacement Spoons and Cups

February 23, 2022

Replacement Spoons and Cups

My Friday started off at 7:45 when I picked up the phone to talk to a very emotional Judith from Highland Park, Illinois.

She has been missing the teaspoon from her bamboo set for 5 years and finally found us when she googled "artistic measuring spoons".

Judith's toddler had given them to her (thanks to his grandmother's help!). That toddler is now 32 years old!

Judith felt that, with the teaspoon missing, there was a "hole in her life".

She was thrilled to learn that we sell replacements.

It was a lovely way to start my day! 

I mail out a replacement spoon or cup - if not several - nearly every day. We have been selling measuring spoons for 36 years and matching measuring cups for over 30. That is a LOT of pewter spoons and cups floating around out there. You can imagine that a spoon or cup could go missing or - yikes! slide into the compost by mistake.

People are AMAZED that we sell replacements. But how could we not?!