Starting them young!

August 02, 2021

Starting them young!

When our first grand daughter reached the age of 5 months, I started making the 200 mile round trip commute to Portland (Oregon) to watch her for a day and a half each week. Needless to say, these were my happiest days of the week!

We soon had a routine of doing the usual things like take walks, read stories and play. But, as soon as possible, I had Fiona doing craft projects and helping me in the kitchen. 

Kids LOVE the kitchen! Food is fun and kind of wacky - I mean, look at this spaghetti. Doesn't it just invite you to play?!

Even before Fiona could actually measure real food, I had her playing with her parents' set of Crosby & Taylor Bird Measuring Spoons & Cups. I would bring that Super Post right down to her level.

I have found that kids will taste food items when they are cooking that they might not consider tasting at the table. I'm a sneaky one!

 Now, six years later, Fiona is quite comfortable in the kitchen. She loves watching baking shows with her parents and her younger sister. And she can read a recipe and almost single-handedly whip up a batch of cookies or cupcakes!